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Lauren Harkness


Lauren founded Rise Retreats to create a space where women could feel welcomed just as they are and invest in their health, both physically, mentally and spiritually. 

“Late in 2018 I was searching for a retreat that would offer movement and food that healed my body and ground my heart and mind in my Christian faith. I was journeying through a dark and heavy space personally. I carried the weight of grief after the loss of two babies through miscarriage and the heaviness and heartache of the unraveling of my husband’s mental health struggles. I had a deep yearning to connect with a place offering holistic physical and spiritual nourishment, a place of rest and ‘time out’. I found it difficult to find a retreat that offered all that I was seeking. 

In the stillness of the Australian Southern Highlands one day, I heard a whisper and felt a gentle (and firm) nudge from God to create such a space for other women who may be on a similar journey. A call or mission to create a space where women could learn spiritual practices for the rhythm of daily use, a space of stillness and rest, a space of wellness and nourishment of the body. A space of love, acceptance and care.”

Transparent, warm, efficient, and friendly, Lauren enjoys creating each retreat space to ensure the needs of all participants are catered to, and that each retreat delivers the kind of soul-stirring, restorative experience which she herself originally sought to find. 

An Event Manager by profession, Lauren brings the skills and experience of a successful 17-year career to every aspect of Rise Retreats. Lauren also owns a successful event business Rise Events which creates a space of connection for women in small business to grow personally and professionally. 

Lauren is a mother to two gorgeous young daughters and a wife to Colin. She loves to travel, spend time with her extended family and dance with her daughters to the music of Australian musician, Kate Miller-Heidke. 

What makes you happy? My family, coffee, seaside holidays, red wine, cheese and charcuterie enjoyed with friends.

Based in: Canberra, ACT Australia

Kylie Ly


Before moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2017, Kylie taught primary school on the NSW Central Coast, studied theology and loved to travel. She loves living in Cambodia, despite the humidity and being so far from her family. There is great joy in trusting that God has you in the place where you are meant to be. In early 2020 she married Seang and is now living in Battambang, Cambodia. 

What makes you happy? Chocolate, the ocean, red wine, exploring new places, and great, deep, honest conversations. 

One woman that inspires you and why? I am inspired by the unnamed, unknown women of the world who quietly, humbly and prayerfully live out their lives and love those who God places around them. Friends, aunts, mothers, daughters, wives. To me, they are just as inspiring as those who have done big things and have their names known by many. I want to know them. I want to hear their stories. I want to be one of them. 

Based in: Battambang, Cambodia

Amanda Hallihan

Creative team - Design

Amanda first began working with Rise Retreats early 2019.

“I immediately fell in love with the vision for Rise Retreats. As a Christian woman I deeply resonated with the vision of Rise to create space for self-care, spiritual reflection and time with God within a Christian wellness context. Rise Retreats is such a gift to so many women, and I am excited to be a part of the unfolding vision of this space”.

As a professional Graphic Designer and Digital Content Creator, Amanda brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and creative insight to the team along with a passion for the vision and her signature warm enthusiasm.

Amanda is a mother to Fionn and wife to James. She loves getting away with the family and ‘retreating’ in the mountains, by a wood fire with a glass red in hand.

When she’s not working Amanda enjoys creating art, coffee with friends, bush-walking and photography.

What makes you happy?  Spending time with the people I love in the beauty of God’s creation, discovering new places with my husband and son and enjoying the wealth of creative gifts on proud display in the world around me.

One woman that inspires you and why? I never would have thought I would say it, but when I think of the woman that inspires me the most I would have to say my mum. Her generosity of spirit, resilience, dedication to Christ and strong work ethic has influenced me more that I ever thought it would. As the years go by I am increasingly thankful for her love and commitment to her family and the gift of her spiritual heritage. For all that she has given of herself she has taught me what is most important in life, and for that I am so thankful.

Based in: Wollongong, NSW, Australia

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